We are a group of passionate people that love the outdoors and want to make a difference in peoples’ everyday lives. We strongly believe in helping the planet around us & we are driven to make a large impact.


SimpleFlow is here to make a shift in the way we produce power. We want to accelerate the renewable energy transition and decarbonize the electrical grid while providing second to none customer service. Our goal is to provide the simplest way for homeowners and businesses to switch to solar.

Nikolas Borrelli - Founder

Nikolas Borrelli.

Nik is seriously passionate about finding solutions to problems & this is where the idea behind SimpleFlow came alive. Nik has a background in Direct Marketing and managing sales operations for over 7 years within the solar space. Over the years, he’s learned that the key to running a successful organization is having the management team focus on the right of aspects of the business, specializing in what they’re good at & what they love to do. As a personal advocate for renewable energy & creating sustainability across the globe, Nik’s core focus is to create an organization that not only does well by the planet but also by its customers & employees. He believes that nailing down the solar process to a science not only makes for great customer experience but allows us at SimpleFlow to continue to grow & help more people to reduce emissions across the board.

Hi, I’m Jason French.
Californian, father and veteran.

I grew up in Bakersfield, spent my youth working to help support my mother, and at 24 I joined the United States Army. After 15 years of service, including 6 of them behind the wheel of an AH-64D Apache Helicopter. When I finished my service, I found myself fascinated by the world of solar.
I studied hard and learned about the technology, becoming even more enamored with everything that this renewable energy had to offer.
I’ve been in the business for 6+ years now and thing that most attracted me to SimpleFlow was, well... simple! It was the people. Good, honest, hardworking people that want to save others money, save the planet, and save integrity. These principles are why I believe in this company and its mission and why I think you will as well.

Jason French CCO - Chief customer officer

Rhiannon Dennie - Head of HR

Hi! My name is Rhiannon Dennie. I really love having the opportunity to support the SimpleFlow team, and helping our customers to own their power and positively impact the environment by going solar. I love this team and the mission we're on!

Want to join our team? We’re always looking for high quality people that want to make a difference.