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Keeping Your Home Safe

The combination of solar and battery storage allows you to fully own your power. You will use the electricity your solar panels produce during the day and any excess energy will charge the battery. When the sun goes down the battery kicks in to power your home when utility rates are the highest.

Grid Power

  • Exposed to Power Outages
  • Vulnerable to fluctuating and rising utility prices
  • Purchasing Dirty Power
  • Paying Peak Utility Rates

Solar + Storage

  • Freedom to Live Life Uninterrupted
  • Always know what you’ll pay for… no surprises
  • Generating Clean Energy From The Sun & Storing It
  • Avoiding Peak Rates by Using Energy At Peak Hours

“Power your home’s essentials during a blackout”

”Avoid the most expensive utility rates”

”25-year warranty on panels, inverter, and battery”